Welcome to our website. IMG_6013

We are a group for young adults living in and around Wandsworth and Westminster who are facing mental health difficulties.  SW18 Club is activity focussed, informal, and run by young people for young people.  It is free, easy to join, and flexible.IMG_5961

Please take a look around the website for more information.  To get a flavour of the types of things that we do, look at the ‘past activities and posts‘ tab.


Latest post:

The last SW18 group meet took in two British modern favourites, Mary Berry and horror, to have a Halloween themed Great British Bake Off.  We met at Sainsbury’s Wandsworth, and divided into two bake off teams.  The competition was on immediately, with both teams trying to find the best ingredients.  We hot-footed back to the resource centre where the oven was already heating to start.  team 1 cakesBoth teams opted for quantity AND quality, by making small cupcakes rather than placing all their eggs (literally) in one larger basket.

PumpkinOnce cakes were in the oven, the decorating prep began.  Icing was rolled, nutella was eaten straight from the jar..!

With just a couple of moments to spare, we hurried to display our cakes to their maximum potential.  The red food colouring blood spatters seemed like a great idea at the time; less so when we couldn’t get it off our hands.

It was too difficult to decide on a winner in the end in our group, so we settled for a draw in order to get on with the most important job- the eating.  Decide for yourselves though – which set of cakes is the more gruesomely delicious..?!winner


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