Comedy night

Last Tuesday – on the 5th February – a group of us went into the centre of London and attended The Top Secret Comedy Club’s free comedy night, featuring the improvised comedy group ‘Shoot from the hip’.  Volunteers accompanied people to the group so that they did not have to make the tube journey alone if they did not want to.

The comedy was in a basement bar which felt like the secret that it was (and the drinks and snacks were incredibly cheap for Central London!)

5241716We were sitting a couple of rows back, right in front of the act, so were a bit nervous about either getting picked out or having to laugh at every joke they they made! However we didn’t need to feel this way – the comedians relied on shouted out ideas from all members of the audience, not just those in front of them, and were hilarious throughout so our laughter was genuine!

All of us had favourite parts of the show – I liked the sketch where the comedians had to create a song spontaneously about a situation given to them by the audience, and one of the other attendees particularly enjoyed ‘the three headed monster’ – where three comedians stood together and had to speak as one in answer to questions from the audience.  One thing that all of us had in common, however, was how funny we found the whole thing! Group members commented that it helped them to forget about other things in their lives, and also that they hadn’t laughed that much in ages!

We would all fully recommend the venue, and the act to others – I know that we are planning to return again as a group in the future, as well as attending independently on other evenings.  Our advice – go and see them now before they start charging you for the privilege!

Next week’s session is self- defense with Lucy – who will be teaching techniques as well as talking about personal safety. Hopefully we will still have some laughs in this session, although maybe not quite as many as at the comedy..!

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