Quick – it isn’t raining – picnic!

When a world first occurred and the bank holiday didn’t mean 3 days of solid rain, we jumped at the chance to get outside and picnic. We met with food and drinks and found a sunny spot on the common to eat and drink.


Some of our works of art!

One of us is currently involved with the refurbishment of the Wandsworth Mind resource centre, and is organising for some art works to be created for the new-look space.  As we paused between mouthfuls, we were given charcoal and sketch pads and asked to draw whatever we felt like drawing, to start getting inspiration for our art work.

You can see the results below – quite a range of artistic styles!

The highlight of the evening was probably when the British Military Fitness group had to do sprints across the common and go around us, as we ate our lovely homemade cupcakes and our crisps – they looked a bit jealous of us basking in the evening sun!

The group really enjoyed spending time on the common so we have arranged for a football skills session to accompany our next picnic.

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