Music Therapy

In the middle of a long cold winter, we decided to warm our inner musicians up with some music therapy.

A qualified music therapist – Rachel – came along to talk us through the premise of music therapy before inviting us all to have a go.  There was an amazing range of instruments – a favourite of the group was the ocean drum – which made the noise of the crashing waves.

ocean drum

ocean drum

I – and I think everyone else – was definitely feeling a bit nervous about making a fool of myself, but the whole group joined in together to make sure that noone was feeling self conscious. It ended up being a really fantastic experience with all of us playing our instruments and enjoying ourselves.  We found out you really didn’t need any musical ability to enjoy music therapy, and there was something really calming and peaceful about playing together.  It was like jamming in a band, only with world music instruments..!

After the session several of the group members were interested in taking up music therapy – which goes well with our slogan of ‘try new things’.  Thanks go to Rachel the music therapist for introducing us to something so new and so different!

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