Ghost walks, ice skating and Masterchef

An update on the latest activities of our group, complete with pictures…

The group was divided into two fiercely competitive teams for Masterchef: Chinese versus Italian. Team china created a lovely chicken stir fry and baked bananas with sesame and ice cream, whereas team Italy made courgette carbonara and tiramisu. Despite excellent team planning we worked up to the nail – with both teams rushing to get dishes on the table in time (the saucepans not quite as haut cuisine as ‘plating up’ on the show but we think enhanced the taste!)

After a lot of food, there was a very difficult and tight vote…and team China was voted Masterchef champions. The rematch will follow shortly…team Italy want to get their revenge..!




The next session saw us ice skating at the very sparkly new streatham ice and leisure centre. I was really impressed about people’s progress – the first few times round people were really wobbly but by the end of the group they were skating with (fairly) sure feet and had picked up some speed!



Most recently we have been on a ghost tour of London. Our guide Stephen led us around the ancient back streets of the old city and told us tales of grim demises and spooky goings on from olden times. Some made us laugh but as the sun set, a chill fell over us as we listened to Stephen weave his story whilst standing in a haunted graveyard! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about the history of London with a twist!





Next session we are planning on going to a free outdoor cinema event with a picnic – and laughter yoga and 5-a-side football will be following soon.

If any of this tickles your fancy contact us on

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