2015 Update!

Belated happy new year – we hope that everyone got through dreary January OK!

The Christmas break seems like ages ago so it may seem a little unseasonal, but we thought we should share some photos of our now yearly end of year feast for your delight and delectation.  Have a look at the very crowded table and some of txmas dins 2 2014he food itself in the photos.


We also had a great night ice-skating on the South Bank underneath the London Eye. We had done this last year as well and decided to return as it had been really enjoyxmas dins blurable – although this time around the weather was incredibly cold so no-one could feel their hands or feet by the end of our time on the ice.  We explored the Christmas markets, tried a macaroni cheese toastie (unexpectedly excellent!) and warmed up with a hot chocolate in the Christmas treehouse cafe near Royal Festival Hall.

xmas fest 2014theory of everything

Back to the New Year and January was a busy one – we met three times rather than our usual two to ward off any feelings of post-Christmas blues.


FullSizeRender We went to see the Theory of Everything/Wild at the cinema, went bowling, and had a night at the resource centre making some extremely cheesy nachos.  Between nachos consumption, we made a plan together about an exciting new project that we are embarking on – to make a film about the group.  This will give potential new members a flavour of what we do, be useful to show other organisations what we are all about, and will also teach all of us a thing or two about film production.  So stay posted to see the results!


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