Great British Bake Off Goes Halloween

The last SW18 group meet took in two British modern favourites, Mary Berry and horror, to have a Halloween themed Great British Bake Off.  We met at Sainsbury’s Wandsworth, and divided into two bake off teams.  The competition was on immediately, with both teams trying to find the best ingredients.  We hot-footed back to the resource centre where the oven was already heating to start.  team 1 cakesBoth teams opted for quantity AND quality, by making small cupcakes rather than placing all their eggs (literally) in one larger basket.

PumpkinOnce cakes were in the oven, the decorating prep began.  Icing was rolled, nutella was eaten straight from the jar..!

With just a couple of moments to spare, we hurried to display our cakes to their maximum potential.  The red food colouring blood spatters seemed like a great idea at the time; less so when we couldn’t get it off our hands.

It was too difficult to decide on a winner in the end in our group, so we settled for a draw in order to get on with the most important job- the eating.  Decide for yourselves though – which set of cakes is the more gruesomely delicious..?!winner

Summer news

The summer has flown past it seems, so we thought we would post a few updates on the recent news from the group…

Cycling: we had a hilarious evening of cycling with the guys from wheels for wellbeing. They brought us all kinds of bikes from some pretty sedate tricycles to some terrifying low slung speed machines, and we got to test them out. Most of us were a bit tentative at first but after a few laps we were flying (well, cycling). Despite the random hailstorms everyone really enjoyed themselves, and proved that you really never do forget how to ride a bike! 

Golf: we revisited our old favourite putt in the park. Luckily we were in for some nicer weather, and enjoyed a good round of (mini) golf under the sun. The place was really popular after it had been featured on made in Chelsea – good to know they’re taking inspiration from our activities..! 

Picnics: there have been a few lovely long summer evenings spent with a picnic on the common. Our group loves doing this as its so relaxed and just gives people a chance to catch up. A recent addition of cricket bat saw us take some inspiration from the ashes (no Australians around to beat this time) and get some exercise to work off all the picnic food.

Coming up:


We are planning an open night to welcome potential new SW18-ers to the group. There’ll be food provided and a chance to meet us all and see if you’d like to come along. The group is now open to anyone aged 18-35 in and around Wandsworth and Westminster boroughs, living with a mental health difficulty. If you’d like more info please email

2015 Update!

Belated happy new year – we hope that everyone got through dreary January OK!

The Christmas break seems like ages ago so it may seem a little unseasonal, but we thought we should share some photos of our now yearly end of year feast for your delight and delectation.  Have a look at the very crowded table and some of txmas dins 2 2014he food itself in the photos.


We also had a great night ice-skating on the South Bank underneath the London Eye. We had done this last year as well and decided to return as it had been really enjoyxmas dins blurable – although this time around the weather was incredibly cold so no-one could feel their hands or feet by the end of our time on the ice.  We explored the Christmas markets, tried a macaroni cheese toastie (unexpectedly excellent!) and warmed up with a hot chocolate in the Christmas treehouse cafe near Royal Festival Hall.

xmas fest 2014theory of everything

Back to the New Year and January was a busy one – we met three times rather than our usual two to ward off any feelings of post-Christmas blues.


FullSizeRender We went to see the Theory of Everything/Wild at the cinema, went bowling, and had a night at the resource centre making some extremely cheesy nachos.  Between nachos consumption, we made a plan together about an exciting new project that we are embarking on – to make a film about the group.  This will give potential new members a flavour of what we do, be useful to show other organisations what we are all about, and will also teach all of us a thing or two about film production.  So stay posted to see the results!


3Gs gym, ghosts and golf

Over the past few sessions we have revisited some old favourites as well as trying out something a bit different.

A second ghost walk took us around the west end of London where our guide told us some ghoulish (and a tad ridiculous at times) tales of the old theatre district. The group really enjoyed the tour and I think we definitely made the best of the last of the summer weather.

On a similar vein, we also returned to crazy golf where the round was a lot quicker – thanks to both our improved skill and the fact that the course shuts at dusk – but still a good laugh.

Most recently we tried out an introductory yoga session at a lovely new gym in Wandsworth called local motion. Our instructor Laurent took us through some basic moves (which left us surprisingly sweaty) as well as breathing techniques and mindfulness (which allowed recovery from the sweating!). Everyone really enjoyed trying something new and was keen to go again in the future. There’s a link to the gym below.

So… What have we got planned next?In the next few weeks we have got visits to stand up comedy, fireworks and iceskating on the cards, as well as trying our hands on laughter therapy – and of course the epic end of year meal (which gets more elaborate each year!)

If you’re keen on coming along to any of these, just send us an email: – and we will let you know how you can join.

The beautiful gym in Wandsworth – first session is free!

Local Motion Gym

Local Motion Gym

Ghost walks, ice skating and Masterchef

An update on the latest activities of our group, complete with pictures…

The group was divided into two fiercely competitive teams for Masterchef: Chinese versus Italian. Team china created a lovely chicken stir fry and baked bananas with sesame and ice cream, whereas team Italy made courgette carbonara and tiramisu. Despite excellent team planning we worked up to the nail – with both teams rushing to get dishes on the table in time (the saucepans not quite as haut cuisine as ‘plating up’ on the show but we think enhanced the taste!)

After a lot of food, there was a very difficult and tight vote…and team China was voted Masterchef champions. The rematch will follow shortly…team Italy want to get their revenge..!




The next session saw us ice skating at the very sparkly new streatham ice and leisure centre. I was really impressed about people’s progress – the first few times round people were really wobbly but by the end of the group they were skating with (fairly) sure feet and had picked up some speed!



Most recently we have been on a ghost tour of London. Our guide Stephen led us around the ancient back streets of the old city and told us tales of grim demises and spooky goings on from olden times. Some made us laugh but as the sun set, a chill fell over us as we listened to Stephen weave his story whilst standing in a haunted graveyard! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about the history of London with a twist!





Next session we are planning on going to a free outdoor cinema event with a picnic – and laughter yoga and 5-a-side football will be following soon.

If any of this tickles your fancy contact us on


On Tuesday, April 1st we are holding an open evening at Wandsworth Mind Resource Centre for the SW18 Club.  There will be food and drink and the chance to meet us all and get a feel for what the group is like.  There will also be a huge group brainstorm to plan the activities for the months ahead.

This is your chance to find out more about the group, and have a say in what we will be getting up to over the Spring and Summer.

So whether you are thinking of joining the group, or are an interested member of staff from the NHS or another organisation, we hope to see you there.  Please contact Hannah or Christine for any more details or questions:


Date: Tuesday, April 1st

Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm

Location: Wandsworth Mind Resource Centre, 114 Allfarthing Lane, SW182AB

Transport: Buses: 44 or 270 to the Old Sergeant, trains: Wandsworth Town or Earlsfield (approx 12 minute walk from either), tube: Tooting Broadway

How to find us

How to find us

Music Therapy

In the middle of a long cold winter, we decided to warm our inner musicians up with some music therapy.

A qualified music therapist – Rachel – came along to talk us through the premise of music therapy before inviting us all to have a go.  There was an amazing range of instruments – a favourite of the group was the ocean drum – which made the noise of the crashing waves.

ocean drum

ocean drum

I – and I think everyone else – was definitely feeling a bit nervous about making a fool of myself, but the whole group joined in together to make sure that noone was feeling self conscious. It ended up being a really fantastic experience with all of us playing our instruments and enjoying ourselves.  We found out you really didn’t need any musical ability to enjoy music therapy, and there was something really calming and peaceful about playing together.  It was like jamming in a band, only with world music instruments..!

After the session several of the group members were interested in taking up music therapy – which goes well with our slogan of ‘try new things’.  Thanks go to Rachel the music therapist for introducing us to something so new and so different!

Some facts you may not know about Club SW18

1) Our club is open to ANYONE in the Wandsworth area and surrounding boroughs, who is living with a mental health problem and aged between 18 and 35. Our group is friendly and inclusive and encourages new members.

2) It is FREE – you just need to pay for the activities that we do.  No need for a Personal Budget

3) You can  EASILY self refer – we just need you to work with your GP to fill out some forms.  Alternatively if you are under a Community Mental Health Team they can work with us to refer you quickly.

Click below to see our latest timetable.

sw18 flyer october 2013

What are you waiting for?!



Apologies for the LONNNNG delay in updating this website – we have all been incredibly busy – but the SW18 club is still going strong!

fireworks at Brockwell Park

fireworks at Brockwell Park

Our latest meeting took us to see the Brockwell Park fireworks which were really impressive – they were along the theme of the four seasons and were beautifully timed to the music!  The ground was muddy and a few of the guys struggled with their trainers getting sucked under on the way out (us girls had come wearing boots and prepared so we were fine..!)

The session before this was a cookery night at the centre where we prepared a lovely Thai curry from scratch.  Apart from the standard chilli in the eye saga, the food was absolutely delicious and I think everyone thought it was a success.

Before this was a Jack the Ripper themed walking tour – with a great tour guide called Dicky who was a beef-eater by day in the Tower of London, and spooky guide by night.  His Thespian tones drew us all into the story and before we knew it 3 hours had passed wandering the dark back streets of London, learning about the grizzly murders.

Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper

Our next few sessions look packed – from music therapy and museum visits to ice skating and more cookery.  Please do get in touch if you are interested in joining our rapidly growing group! Just email for more information.




Quick – it isn’t raining – picnic!

When a world first occurred and the bank holiday didn’t mean 3 days of solid rain, we jumped at the chance to get outside and picnic. We met with food and drinks and found a sunny spot on the common to eat and drink.


Some of our works of art!

One of us is currently involved with the refurbishment of the Wandsworth Mind resource centre, and is organising for some art works to be created for the new-look space.  As we paused between mouthfuls, we were given charcoal and sketch pads and asked to draw whatever we felt like drawing, to start getting inspiration for our art work.

You can see the results below – quite a range of artistic styles!

The highlight of the evening was probably when the British Military Fitness group had to do sprints across the common and go around us, as we ate our lovely homemade cupcakes and our crisps – they looked a bit jealous of us basking in the evening sun!

The group really enjoyed spending time on the common so we have arranged for a football skills session to accompany our next picnic.