Self-defense planned

Next session the lovely Lucy – an expert in self defence and martial arts – will be giving us the first in a few sessions of self defence. We are hoping to learn some new things and keep active for the new year. If people enjoy themselves we will link them in with another local self defence group to continue with the activities. We are all really looking forward to this session. If you are interested in joining the group please contact

Christmas dinner!

It seems but a distant memory now, but I thought that the group’s excellent effort at cooking Christmas dinner should get a mention on the blog:

On a cold, horribly rainy night before Christmas the group congregated at Wandsworth Mind Resource Centre to cook up a Christmas dinner and celebrate the festive season.  One of our members expertly prepped the chicken (we decided trying to cook a whole turkey would be excessive!) as the rest of us scoffed mince pies and prepared the veg, potatoes, stuffing and other assorted trimmings.

One of our volunteers cooked up a delicious sticky toffee pudding which was very, very moreish. We all enjoyed our meal, complete with crackers (and appalling cracker jokes!). It put everyone in the mood for the week ahead.



We also took the opportunity to decide that the group will be better placed on a Tuesday evening from now on.  This will allow several of our current members, and one of our volunteers, to continue attending (they had clashing activities on a Wednesday).  We are also now officially running twice monthly! More details of that to follow!

I hope that everyone had a lovely break over the last couple of weeks.

The name’s Bond. James Bond.

On Wednesday 7th November, we went to see the latest Bond film at the Clapham Picture House.  The group was our largest so far, with all 9 of us attending, and it was great for people to meet others that previously they hadn’t crossed paths with.

Clapham Picture House had really kindly given us some cheaper tickets to see the film which I know was very much appreciated by everyone. There was a mix up with dates and times and still the staff were incredibly helpful and somehow managed to juggle the packed cinema so we all had seats!

The film itself was great – most of our group ended up desperate for the loo as it was just far too gripping to leave the cinema!

Afterwards we headed for drinks and a planning session at next door’s Venn Street Records, a normally chilled out bar which was packed on a Wednesday night – the Orange Wednesday effect.  We discussed Christmas group sessions – we plan on having two sessions in December, as well as doing a group challenge to run 5k in the New Year. I’d better get training…!

Thanks again to Clapham Picture House for being so wonderfully accommodating, despite admin errors!  Its a great local cinema and we hope to go back again soon.


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